Khalili Cream Ingredient Highlight: Comfrey

Comfrey is a plant that has just as many uses as it does names. It is also known as boneset, knitbone, bruisewort, black wort, salsify, ass ear, wall wort, slippery root, gum plant, healing herb, consound, or knit back.

Its various names hint towards its historical uses as a remedy for broken bones, fractures, and bruises. […]

Khalili Cream Ingredient Highlight: Cayenne Pepper

The cayenne pepper goes by many names: “the Guinea spice,” “cow-horn pepper,” “red hot chili pepper,” “aleva,” “bird pepper,” or simply “red pepper.” Although cayenne pepper is most commonly found in shaker bottles at pizza parlors and Italian restaurants, it is also an important ingredient in several medicines and health supplements.

Cayenne peppers offers a […]