Khalili Cream Ingredient Highlight: Cayenne Pepper

The cayenne pepper goes by many names: “the Guinea spice,” “cow-horn pepper,” “red hot chili pepper,” “aleva,” “bird pepper,” or simply “red pepper.” Although cayenne pepper is most commonly found in shaker bottles at pizza parlors and Italian restaurants, it is also an important ingredient in several medicines and health supplements.

Cayenne peppers offers a […]

Khalili Cream Ingredient Highlight: Camphor

Camphor has been used as a culinary spice, an ingredient in gunpowder, an insect repellent, a flea killing substance, a component of incense, and – most important for our purposes – a medicine.

Medicinally, it is typically used in topical creams, lotions, and oils. Camphor works to relieve pain and reduce itching, and does so in […]

Khalili Cream Ingredient Highlight: Boswellia

Extract from the Boswellia tree, more commonly known as Frankincense, has a rich medicinal and religious history.

The Babylonians and Assyrians in 3000 B.C. are believed to have burned it as incense in religious ceremonies. It has been a staple of traditional Chinese medicine since at least 500 B.C. Charred frankincense was even used by […]

Khalili Cream Ingredient Highlight: Arnica Montana

Botanists call it Arnica Montana; laymen call it Leopard’s Bane; healthcare professionals call it a miracle plant.

Arnica is primarily used to reduce swelling and relieve muscle, joint, and trauma-induced pain. It has a long history of medicinal use, with records of its healing properties dating back to the 1500s.

With all of the pain-relief drugs […]