Botanists call it Arnica Montana; laymen call it Leopard’s Bane; healthcare professionals call it a miracle plant.

Arnica is primarily used to reduce swelling and relieve muscle, joint, and trauma-induced pain. It has a long history of medicinal use, with records of its healing properties dating back to the 1500s.

With all of the pain-relief drugs available today, many people consider herbal remedies to be primitive and doubt their efficacy. However, a 2007 double-blind study found that a topical preparation of arnica was just as effective as an ibuprofen gel at treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis and had fewer reported adverse effects.

Apart from its medicinal benefits, it also has a nice pine-sage odor and is commonly used in perfumes. The plant grows year-round in North America and northern regions of Europe and Asia.

With its powerful healing effects, pleasant aroma, and abundant availability, arnica is an important ingredient in KhaliliTM Natural Pain Relief Cream.