“As founder of ProHealth, my mission is to support sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia by offering breakthrough products, cutting-edge research, and community access. Recently, I discovered a new topical pain relief cream called Khalili™ cream and I am thrilled to recommend it to Fibromyalgia and other pain sufferers. It’s a magically effective cream that simultaneously tackles both the pain and inflammation of even the most severely affected patients—the best topical pain reliever ProHealth has ever sold!”

~ Rich Carson, ProHealth Founder, Santa Barbara, CA

“Our customers really appreciate how effective Khalili™ cream is for treating the pain of repeated use injuries, and also that it has simple, clean, and pure ingredients. Needless to say, there are many pain products on the market but what Dr. Khalili has put together really works, which is why it is the only pain cream we keep on the front counter for people to sample. Since I have been involved in alternative therapies for nearly four decades, relieving people’s pain is very important to me. Khalili™ cream is a regular part of that process. And our customers often comment that even the aroma makes them feel better.”

~ Rinzai Zwerin, Rinzais Market Owner, Sedona, AZ

“Montecito Natural Foods has been in business for over fifty years and Arnica has always been our most popular topical cream for aches and pains. When we saw the combination of ingredients in Khalili™ cream, we knew that a better product had been created. Our customers soon confirmed that fact and our Arnica cream sales have dropped off dramatically. We get remarkably positive feedback even from those who have been dealing with chronic pain. You know a product works when customers don’t want to be without it!”

~ Slim Gomez, Montecito Natural Foods Owner, Montecito, CA

“My patients love Khalili™ cream!  It’s great for treating their sore and achy muscles.”

~ Fernando Mata, D.C., Santa Monica, CA

“I find Khalili™ cream to be exceptionally effective in warming the acupuncture channels to relieve pain and increase circulation. My patients who are using it ALL experience good results. The effectiveness of the ingredient combination is extraordinary. My sincere compliments to Dr. Khalili.”

~ Denise Neumark-Reimer, L.Ac., Reiki Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“Since we began selling Khalili™ cream at Malibu Fitness five months ago, it has been a big success. We started by keeping a tester tube out for members to try, and nine out of ten times the customer bought a tube. We love Khalili™ cream for many reasons, such as its anti-inflammatory ingredients, which help remedy sore and injured areas, and the soothing heat it generates, especially with activity. Its refreshing scent is an extra bonus. Thank you for introducing us to this awesome product.”

~ Lonnie Galate, Malibu Fitness Owner, Malibu, CA

“Khalili™ cream has amazing anti-inflammatory properties! It works like magic on muscle and joint pain.”
~ Flavia B., Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy Homeopath/Manager, Santa Monica, CA

“As a physical therapist, I want the best and most effective products for my patients. I recently discovered Khalili™ cream and it has become one of my main treatment tools for pain and inflammation.”

~ Marc Pierre, P.T., The Center For Physical Health, Los Angeles, CA

“In my 43 years as a professional bodyworker, Khalili™ cream is the highest quality topical I have found for clients with muscular-skeletal discomfort.”

~ Harvey Ruderian, Aston Patterner-Rolfer-Cranial Sacral Therapist, Santa Monica, CA

“Kevin Khalili brings decades of expertise as a thoughtful and experienced chiropractor to his understanding of the body mechanics used in exercise and posture. One of the challenges we face today is the fact that our everyday movements (sitting at a desk, commuting, or even sleeping in a way that is poorly or overly supported) can weaken or strain our physical body. Because of this, the very practices that are gaining in popularity today can both hurt and heal… I recommend it highly for everyone with a movement practice (and that should be all of us!)”

~ Felicia Marie Tomasko,  RN, Editor in Chief, LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health Magazine, Los Angeles, CA

“As a Virtual Assistant and Web Developer I spend a lot of time in front of my keyboard. And even though I have a home gym my lower back and hip still get quite sore from sitting in the same position all of the time. Khalili™ cream is magic in a tube as far as I am concerned! I apply it right after morning exercise and a hot shower and it instantly soothes my aches. Then it reactivates as soon I exercise or bathe again. It also leaves my skin silky smooth where applied. As far as I am concerned this is magic in a tube!”

~ Denise Griffitts, Web Developer, Virtual Assistance Industry Expert, Online Business Manager at Your Office On The Web

“It’s a perfect pain relief product designed to get you moving and feeling better!”

~ Erson Religioso III, DPT, FAAOMPT

“During my 30 years as a massage therapist and yoga instructor, Khalili™ cream is the best pain relief product I have found. My clients love this cream because it releases muscle tension so quickly.”

~ Wendy Fox, C.M.T., Licensed Massage Therapist

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