Khalili CreamAs a chiropractor, I spend many hours each day doing hands-on therapy with patients. In my search for an effective pain relief cream to complement my treatments, I tried out more than 75 different topical products during my first five years in practice. Then came the epiphany: I should create the ideal pain relief cream myself!

The cream that I envisioned would not only be highly effective, but also safe, natural, non-staining, and aesthetically pleasing. It would include only potent, proven, plant-based ingredients for natural pain relief in a 100% vegan base free of harsh chemicals, pharmaceuticals, artificial coloring, artificial preservatives, and petroleum by-products.

With this vision, I embarked on a quest to create the perfect pain relief cream. After months of researching the finest ingredients available for treating painful muscles and joints, I narrowed a list of 80 potential candidates to the nine most effective plant-based ingredients for topical pain relief: arnica, boswellia, camphor, cayenne pepper, comfrey, curcumin, ginger, menthol, and an organic sulfur compound (MSM). Next came extensive research on what would comprise the base of the cream. Given the potency of the nine therapeutic ingredients, I needed a base that would protect and nourish the skin, as well as a blend of essential oils that would offset the medicinal odors of certain ingredients. Rather than just covering up odors, I wanted a cream that would have an enticing aroma of its own—an aroma that would evolve as time passed, providing a pleasing, scintillating experience for the user. Through exhaustive experimentation with hundreds of essential oils and other botanical extracts, my proprietary evolving aroma was born and fused within a skin-nourishing vegan base consisting primarily of jojoba seed oil, aloe leaf juice, virgin coconut oil, and avocado oil.

Pushing the limits further, I wanted this cream to do something that had never been done before: to perform in a way that responds to the user’s lifestyle. For seven years, I worked to give Khalili™ Natural Pain Relief Cream the quasi-intelligent ability to generate a secondary activation during times of physical exertion; this dual activation gives an extra boost of relief when it is needed most. To protect the integrity and stability of the formula, I found an innovative herbal preservative that provides a minimum shelf life of two years. I then discovered a patented skin-delivery system to promote optimal absorption of the therapeutic ingredients. All the raw materials in the Khalili™ formula are carefully sourced around the globe for quality, purity, and potency before being produced locally just outside of Santa Barbara, California in an FDA-compliant facility.

Little did I know when I first set out on my quest that it would take 16 years, six figures of personal funding, a devoted team of chemists with the patience of monks, and an ocean of sweat equity to work through the hundreds of prototypes that led to Khalili™. Over time, my personal journey became an obsession: to create not only the ideal cream for my practice, but something of unique value to share with the world. My unveiling of this breakthrough formula in December, 2013 marked one of the happiest moments in my life. Now this revolutionary cream is available to help people “feel better, move better,” and ultimately “live better.” The cream bears my name not only because I was the developer, but more importantly because of what the name represents. In Arabic, the root meaning of Khalili is “friend,” and I hope that the benefits of this cream will make it a true friend for everyone in need of pain relief.

Your friend,

Kevin Khalili, DC

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